Wednesday, 11 June 2008

Sweden vs Greece

After Spain's great match (4-1), it was time at 20:45 for Sweden to play. We went to the central square to watch the match, all with our Swedish flags, T-shirts and so on... It was quite funny to be supporting Sweden surrounded by Sweds.
Here you have the pics:
Después del gran partido de España (4-1), a las 20:45 le tocaba jugar a Suecia. Fuimos a la plaza central a ver el partido, todos con nuestras banderas suecas, camisetas y demás. Fue bastante divertido apoyar a Suecia rodeados de suecos. Aquí tenéis las fotos:

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linea de cal said...

Sweden did their best to beat a poor Greece. They deserved to win but an individual action from Ibrahimovic and a lucky goal opened the tough result. Let's see how Sweden and Spain play against each other!